15/09/2008 Continous steam  production at 450°C

Almería.  Today we have produced high quality steam at 450°C from the FRESNEL collector installed at the Plataforma Solar. The collector, erected under the frame of the project FRESDEMO, has produced in a very stable and continuous way superheated steam at a temperature of  450°C and a pressure of 100 bar. 

The superheated steam was generated directly inside the collector without the use of any heat transfer fluid other than water. The managing Director of Solar Power Group, the Count Jacques de Lalaing, explains: “Due to the fact that no energy is lost in heat exchangers, the total efficiency of the FRESNEL collector is increased, a fact that, together with the initial lower investment of the collector and the high temperature of the steam obtained, will produce lower LEC (Levelized Electricity Costs). This makes our technology a very attractive one for electricity producers.“  

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