Projects, Markets and Potentials

We are currently pursuing several solar boiler projects in parallel which are in various stages of planning, development or construction. Our projects range from 1 or 2 MW to some 10's MW and include stand alone power production, solar add-ons, desalination, and process steam. 

Key Markets for Fresnel Solar Power

The choice of a suitable location for a plant affects the economic viability of concentrating solar power generation most immediately. The available solar resource determines the efficiency of a CSP plant to a considerable extent and therefore the costs of the electricity generation. Therefore the best suited locations for Fresnel solar power installations are found in the "sun belt of the earth": Southern Europe, Northern Africa, the U.S. Southwest, India, Australia, South America and the Middle East. Many countries in these regions have excellent solar irradiation levels of more than 2,500 kWh per square metre and year, and unclouded skies most of the time, both preconditions for economically efficient solar thermal power generation.

We and our partners are present in all potential solar power markets across the sun belt. We have been approached by people from Northern Africa, Middle East, Australia, Spain, France, USA, Portugal, India and South America.

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